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Land Sales and Rentals

Find your perfect Second Life home! Mainland offers land in various themes - I have some waterfront and hillside parcels available at reasonable cost. If you are a premium member, you can buy a 1024 m2 plot and have NO monthly fee to LL! See below on this page.
If you are looking for a lovely private region to call home, visit ALUREL - themed as medieval, fantasy, forested land with common spaces for gatherings and events, and a large lake for boating. Parcels are 4096 m2, 2048 m2, and 1024 m2.

Our newest land is Alurel Wandermere! Visit today - parcels are available:

Machinima - Second Life

So many special events! A video will let you relive the memory and share it with friends! My goal is to capture the moments and tell the story of your special occasion. 



YouTube Channel:

Artist Promotion

Reach out to your audience! I can help you with Social Media, photography, videos, show posters, ...

Let everyone know of your upcoming shows and events - use posters for inworld signs, social media posts, profile pics... I can create the graphics you need for advertising and promotion.

Inworld Photography

So many interesting times happen inworld - remember them in photographs! Special occasions, events, parties, favorite places.... contact me for information on having pictures made. I use Photoshop, mainly, for adjustments and special effects.

Landscaping - Party Decorating

It is a joy to create a space that is inviting and comfortable and inspiring - let me landscape your property, decorate for your party, set up a venue, help you make a plan for your home!

Show Assistant

I have been working as a show assistant for Russell Eponym for many years and always enjoy the shows and the people who come to the shows - my goal is to make it a pleasant experience for everyone and help out when anyone needs assistance.


When not working, my favorite activity is to go to listen to live music, especially acoustic guitar. What amazing talent we have in the virtual worlds!


If you need help for a show, please contact me!

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